This easy-to-use tool lets you, or even your students, create your own augmented reality experiences to bring lessons to life. 

AR in Biology

The human heart has four chambers you can open it Or even Explore heart in 360. Create
a more authentic learning experience and engage learners in ways never possible before by providing unique discovery paths, interactive real-life immersive simulations and making learning fun.

AR in Physics

Exploring the Sun has never been so captivating and rotate in 360. The power of augmented reality for education is the layer of creativity, interactivity and engagement it can add to an object or subject. AR makes learning more memorable and easier to understand that way.

AR in Geography

Captivate your students with an erupting volcano. AR learning can help students with varying abilities by decreasing the time it takes to grasp complex topics. A quiz invites students to label each aspect of the volcano to show what they learned.

AR in Art

Let your creative juices flow. Colour the cartoon and then see it come to life and walk around the classroom. It’s an effective way to bring ideas to life in the classroom or at home, letting learners visualise how something works.

Try It Yourself & Feel an Amazing Experience In Minutes

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AR enhances (or augments) what we see by overlaying digital
content onto the real world. It’s becoming an integral part of the technology landscape, set to disrupt every industry. Right now, it already enhances how we live, work, play, socialise and shop.

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